Grace Animal Hospital


Read below to learn more about our pet dentistry services and how we care for your pet.

Pet Dentistry

As a part of our ‘Complete, Compassionate Care’ approach, Grace Animal Hospital offers dentistry services for your pet.

Pet Dentistry

While there is no better replacement for daily brushing your cat or dog’s teeth, we can show you other techniques, such as dental rinses and enzymatic chews for those hard-to-handle pets. We also perform professional dental cleaning procedures and other oral surgeries if recommended by our doctor during an exam. At Grace Animal Hospital, patients are placed under general anesthesia, and a complete oral health assessment and treatment are performed with every dental procedure. This includes full mouth dental radiographs, professional cleaning, scaling, polishing, and extractions for painful diseased teeth if necessary. As with every surgical procedure, your pet’s vital signs will be closely followed with our state-of-the-art multi-parameter monitors. We are also proud to be one of the few practices in South Carolina that controls breathing with an anesthetic ventilator.