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We’re proud of our clean, comfortable and quiet Hospital and Pet Lodge designed and built by Travis Design Associates of Lexington, South Carolina.

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Our friendly reception staff is waiting to assist you and your pet. Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful. We suggest making appointments in advance to expedite your time and prepare us for your visit. Have a cup of coffee and visit our Retail Area and Adopt-A-Pet areas

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Pet Lodge
Our bright, comfortable Pet Lodge with separate air-conditioned cat and dog boarding offers you peace of mind when away from your pet. For more information about our Pet Lodge please click here.

Pet Lodge

Examination Room
A Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant will meet with you and your pet in the exam room. They will get a full history of your pet and assist our veterinarians with a comprehensive physical exam to determine your pet’s needs. Our staff loves animals and wants to make this process timely and thorough. Our Consultation Room, which doubles as a 4th Examination Room, has its own entrance and exit directly from our parking lot to assist with patients and clients with special needs

Exam Room

Our Pharmacy is well stocked and up-to-date, and if necessary we can write or call-in prescriptions to your local pharmacy. All dispensed medications are carefully prepared by our trained staff, placed in child-proof containers and clearly labeled as required by state and American Animal Hospital Association requirements.


Our laboratory is well equipped for most in-house diagnostic testing of your pet. Additional laboratory testing and pathology consultations are available through local and national reference laboratories usually with results the next business morning.


Often, radiographs are required to determine your pet’s health problem or to monitor treatment and disease progression.


Our Treatment Area is the heart of our facility. Here we thoroughly examine your pet, obtain specimens for lab tests, and perform medical and diagnostic procedures. Pets requiring Critical or Intensive Care are monitored throughout the day in our Treatment Area


When your pet requires surgery, we have a fully equipped operating suite, including a Surgical Laser, Anesthetic Ventilators, and Multi-Parameter Anesthetic Monitors for the safest possible anesthesia in the Midlands.


Dental/Special Procedures
Dental treatments and other Special Procedures, including digital intra-oral dental x-rays, are performed separate from the busy Treatment Area.


Isolation Ward
Pets with contagious, or infectious diseases are housed in a climate controlled, separate ward, complete with its own air handling unit to prevent the spread of infection. Dogs and cats requiring hospitalization are cared for in separate, quiet, climate-controlled rooms

Food Prep
All meals for hospitalized patients and Pet Lodge guests are prepared in our Food Preparation Room

Large Animal Facility
Our Large Animal Facility and Paddock comfortably and safely accommodates horses for a variety of procedures. Our circular driveway easily accommodates large trailers

Business Office
Our behind-the-scenes Business Office supports our Reception, Pet Lodge and Clinical activities, as well as a professional location to conduct business with vendors and handle your pet’s special orders


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