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Equine Services


HorsesEquine Dentistry is an extension of veterinary medicine and surgery that maintains equine (horse, pony, mule, etc.) dental health by:

  • Comprehensive dental examinations; most require mild sedation
  • Normal Molar adjustments (Teeth Floating)
  • Reduction of protuberant crown formations (hooks, ramps, beaks, and points), and incisor malocclusions (overbite, under bite
  • Extraction of Wolf Teeth and ‘baby teeth’ that have failed to shed when appropriate
  • Extraction of damaged/disease teeth
  • Providing professional assistance in nutritional/body condition, and bit performance

Signs of possible dental problems in your horse include:

  • Oral pain or irritation
  • Losing feed, difficulty chewing, excessive salivation
  • Undigested grain in the manure
  • Resisting or mouthing the bit
  • Loss of, or failure to maintain body condition
  • Foul odor and discharge from mouth or nostrils
  • Swollen face, jaw or gums
  • Recurring colic

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